Small Biographie about Achraf Ourraid

  1. Hello this is me Achrafond the man of many trades who like get more relationships as well as iam a man who living in the beautiful city BENI MELLAL which found in the middle of Morocco this finnally found as well in the north of Africa ...Iam a very hopfull person about what life make and give us So as the proveb said: ''while there is life there is hope '' is for that iam always  and so on but ,As all the poeple know here in my country (MOROCCO)that the first problem is immigrant ...paverty...someway ignorance ...ect Regardless All this problem my life was getting more power for helping this poor body of this magic country even though its the paradice of our planet yet the problem also is the fewer of skills and mind person ...there are so many young poeple here but who wont to work nobody wanna this thing all poeple wont sleeping...amusing...enjoying...making sex...and so forth...All thing considered, you must to have some big lobbies and some big mouth for reducing the rate of all this problems ...also for Ending this is my second ''HeLLo''to all poeple you try and who have the magic power of supporting there magic country....

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