What are Factors of Real Love?Problems in love - Misunderstandings Between Each Other, Money Matters and Other Problems

What are Factors of Real Love?:                                                                       All of us have opinions on love, but very few can define it. This is considered as a universal and inconsistent emotion and thus is difficult to define.


If we consider the beginning of a feeling of love, it usually starts when some one turns you on. And you get turned on because you like some observable qualities in that person. This is the physical attraction you feel for a person. This is a stage where most people, make wrong decisions. It is because they can't differentiate between physical attraction

How to make sure that are u really in love?The latest trend of making sure two people are really in love with each other is by the use of something called Biomatching. For this you don't have to follow the traditional method, which believes in the test of time. If you look for potential partners at random, there is a chance that you just feel like you love a person and would miss the actual feeling of being in love.

and love.

Love is all about accepting;

Love is wanting and making another person feel good;Love is about imparting a sense of security to your relationship;Love is about ignoring the trifle little details ;Love is about patience and trust as the foundation;Love is about keeping envy out ;
  • Love is not a necessity, but it is life's greatest gift and luxury. It is to care, to be kind and patient. It is considered as perfect love when a person doesn't expect anything else but love.
  • Love knows when to put pride to the side, because the greatest thing one can be proud of is the love that is shared.
  • Love is or should be unconditional. And thus is giving and selfless, it is a celebration of what is right and what is true
  • For the unperfected will pass upon, the coming of that which is perfect, as perfect love never ends.
  • Love is undying devotion.
  • Love is the desire to be intimate both physically and emotionally.
  • Love endures all, hopes all, and bears all. It is believing, sharing and dreaming.


    Communication is the core of any relation ship, more so in the case of a love relationship. It is through communication that you can tell your partner what you are thinking, what you want. Talking can also make a relationship strong as there will also be intellectual bonding as well. It is also important to say things openly and honestly. Communication also includes listening to your partner patiently,

    Spend Quality Time?

    These days the importance of things can be measured with the amount of time spent on it. It so happens that couples more time initially in a relationship. Later they get busier with other things in life. When this happens it is time for both to sit down and make a priority list. Spending less time together can cause couples to drift away.

  • Love is a feeling of completeness, forgiving, understanding and inspiring.
  • Love is the attainment of life's greatest inspiration. It is supporting, but not overbearing.
  • Love is a complete expression of oneself or the other. it is being open to each other's expression
  • Love can be strong, yet so fragile.
  • There are those out there who have not been lucky enough to find it, some never will. In addition, what one would call true love...love in its best, purest, truest sense is even rarer and harder to find.
  • The dream of finding and marrying for true love exists and concludes by everything falling into place. ;

    Problems in love - Misunderstandings Between Each Other, Money Matters and Other Problems :

    Numerous reasons could be cited which lead to misunderstanding between individual in a relationship. It could be monetary, emotional or even physical. One could look at the misunderstandings from two perspectives- male and female.

    Male perspective

    Several reasons could be attributed by the man in the relationship, some of them could be:

    Adequate communication?

    It is considered that women's behavior is more emotional than men's. Although it would be fair to say that even the most emotional women are sometimes simply not quite self-confident. Men hardly use the female language of emotions and for them learning a Latin or Greek would be easier to learn as compared to the former. This gap in communication provokes most of acute problems and conflicts.

    Lack of understanding?

    To bridge the communication gap that sets in individuals, it is important for the man to gain some understanding of emotions. Maybe women at times use an emotional approach to communicate which is misunderstood by men as encroachment. So if a man wants to become proficient in emotional aspect, it is important to learn to understand your feelings.

    Blaming each other?

    Many a times, men think that women are encroaching too much by grazing some emotional aspect. Though the woman might be trying to make them comfortable, it could be misinterpreted! This could result in the two individuals blaming each other.

    Being compassionate ?

    Expressing compassion resolves a great deal of miscommunication. At time it becomes imperative for men to shed their rationalistic thinking and get into the shoes of a woman! That mean. They need to be more patient and lend an ear to their partner's maladies irrespective how trivial it may be.

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