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What is Real Love? :                 Love is an abstract term which does not fall within a specified definition. For some it is finding the right person while for some others it is a unique feeling. The sum total of the variegated feeling and ideas would lead to the simple deduction that love is end product of a desire to have a partner, a partner who compliments an individual's desires, feelings and emotions.

What is real love?

Real love could be said to extend beyond mere infatuation or crush which individuals develop at some point in time. It is a concept which encompasses the feeling of 'infatuation' and requires a higher degree of understanding and application!

A few things could be said to define a loose definition for real love although it may vary from one individual to another.

It is about the right person

Real love could be said to be about finding the right person. In other words, falling in love may not be real love. For your likes and dislikes may not align with your 'other half'. As a result, one could say that real love is finding the right person in which case there is a kind of equilibrium between the two individuals.

Knowing the other person

Real love requires a good and thorough understanding of the opposite person you are getting involved with. This is a tad different from the 'falling in love' and getting carried away. Such feelings diffuse after a while and it boils to the compatibility aspect between two individuals.

Knowing about the person's personality and character are so important. To identify the characteristics you could look at the aspects which draw you to a guy or a girl. If the list is long then you know that you know a lot about him /her and if the list is short then probably you need to know the person a bit more! This aspect would surface a quintessential one with regard to the sustenance of relationship. So if you were to get into a relationship with someone, it is always better to know him better!

Real Love isn't sex

It would be fair to say that sex is a part of the whole experience called 'real love'. But to identify sex as a determinant would be a miscalculation as this aspect is momentary in nature. As time goes by, this aspect too would lose steam and what would remain is the foundation- that of understanding and appreciating each other's emotions.

Love is a commitment.

Although feelings will accompany love, and although sex will be a part of marriage, a lasting, you cannot base a healthy relationship on these things. In the long and winding journey of life, infatuation, sex and other such details will slowly vaporize and all that would be left in the relationship is commitment and understanding between the partners.

There are several other factors which could go into the definition of 'real love' but then again they would vary from person to person!

l Love?

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